How to Create a Gallery Wall

How to Create a Gallery Wall

Make a statement with your art or photo collection by creating a gallery wall!  Here are a few steps to help get you going.

Gather Your Collection

Begin by collecting all of the items you want to display. One thing to remember: they don’t have to match! Find things in your collection that share a commonality or have a similar color palette. For instance, a photo wall with family pictures, several paintings of flowers, and unusual, unmatched empty frames.

Put That Hammer Down

Before you begin hammering nails in your walls, you will need to figure out your gallery layout. Start by tracing around each piece of art on kraft paper and cutting it out. On each piece of paper, mark your picture’s hanger placement. Use painter’s tape to hang each cutout on your wall and get a feel for the overall look.

Start at Eye Level

Start by hanging the largest item at eye-level and move out from there. If you have high ceilings, go with large-scale art to add extra drama to a large wall. If you are hanging a gallery wall above a sofa or furniture piece, adjust accordingly. You can play around with the cutouts until you find a plan that suits you.

Be Consistent

Red chair and blue carpet near couch in colorful living room interior with ficus and posters
Use a ruler to guide you as you aim for three to six inches between each piece around all sides of the frames. It’s important to be consistent. As a rule, if you are putting together a gallery with larger art, put more space between each frame. For smaller pieces, group the art closer together. Also, make sure there is plenty of space between your window frames, trim and molding.

Get Hammering

When you’re ready to start hanging, use a hammer to secure a nail or picture hanger through each of your marked placements on the kraft paper. Remove the paper and tape, then place your first piece of art on the nail. Check that it’s level before proceeding. Repeat with the rest of your pieces, starting with your largest and finishing with the smallest.
Your gallery wall doesn’t have to be symmetrical, but you should try to go for some semblance of balance. Once you’re finished, stand back and start to enjoy your creation. And finally, see what your family and friends have to say about your new gallery wall!
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