Does Having a Food Garden Increase Your Home Value? In This Climate It Just Might

Does Having a Food Garden Increase Your Home Value? In This Climate It Just Might

Many people in the Silicon Valley, including home buyers, are thinking about cost of living hikes and simple ways to save money. Environmentally conscious Bay Area residents are also keen to improve their own unique sustainability story. In March 2022, GWI Zeitgeist reported:
  • 46% of consumers are planning to cook at home more
  • 26% are planning to grow/prepare their own food.
Bottom line upfront: The veggies growing in your backyard could increase your property value.
Source: GWI
Here’s three ways to help position your hobby as an asset to your home.

1. Choose Your Plants Wisely.

Choose plants that are easy to grow like cucumbers, peas, beans and cherry tomatoes. Herbs, like basil, are also winners. Your garden should be easy to maintain and beautiful. Think about investing in an efficient irrigation system. Consider adding color and protection from insects and disease with flowering plants like Marigolds. If you don’t know much about edible plants, now’s the time to find out. Ask lots of questions—and do your own research. I find the staff at Cupetino’s Summer Winds Nursery to be a great resource on all things green. Knowledge is power!

2. Create a Simple, Aesthetically Pleasing Space.

Low-maintenance vegetable gardens create a positive reaction for most home buyers. Ron Finley, of the Ron Finley Project says, “Growing your own food is like printing your own money.” We recently used basil cut from our neighbor's garden to make our family favorite fresh pasta dish with pesto—saving gas, time and money. The Bay Area home buyer cares about sustainability and the impact they’re having on the environment, directly and indirectly. This is good news for food gardens.

3. Share Your Sustainable Story.

OK, so you’re doing your part for the environment, choosing easy to grow plants and creating a functional and beautiful gardening space, but do your potential home buyers KNOW? Not if your agent doesn’t tell them. Make sure you choose a real estate professional that not only cares about the environment but knows how to position your garden as an easy to maintain, eco-friendly, and money saving asset to your property. 
Food gardening is at its highest level of engagement in a decade, particularly here in the Silicon Valley. Your hobby is a win for your property and a win for the environment whether you are located in Saratoga, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Campbell, or any other one of our other amazing communities. With a bit of thought and the right positioning, it could be the reason today’s Silicon Valley buyer chooses your home over a similar property.

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