7 Design Ideas Inspired by Nashville

7 Design Ideas Inspired by Nashville

A recent trip to Nashville got me thinking beyond my Bay Area borders and inspired a new way of looking at my house and my projects. Here’s the seven inspirations I came away with.

Mixing Old With New

The historical buildings in Nashville are a great backdrop for creating a great eclectic look.  One of the places this shined was at the Union Station Hotel.  Built in 1900 to serve the eight railroads that provided service to Nashville, it is now a Historic Hotel of America, owned by Maryland REIT, Pebblebrook. Just a short distance but worlds of difference, is the sleek two year old JW Marriott, architecturally designed to mimic the curves of the Cumberland River and boasting hot design trends throughout. It was fun to take in and compare both.
It is great inspiration for anyone that wants to mix up their monochromatic look.  The guest rooms (that I saw) feature cowhide headboards with metal cage light fixtures and colorful art while the doors and ceilings and views to the central station below echo the days of the past.  Certainly a different direction then its counterpart, The Hermitage, on the other side of town, where tradition remains strong and the furniture reflects the architecture and origins of this grand hotel.

Burnished Mirrors and Gold

JW Marriott, incorporated trending looks of gold light fixtures, wall to ceiling windows, and burnished mirrors – a look I fell in love with two years ago in a Las Vegas eatery.

Brick Accent Walls

It was hard to believe that Nashville is tearing down old brick buildings and not salvaging all of the brick. I have to imagine they are salvaging some with the revival of brick in all things new construction (here in California at least).
In Nashville it’s everywhere, be that it was old or new.  Interior and exterior walls of brick made great backdrops for cheeky art, fun street vending logos, and terrific interior backdrops for country music art and iconic posters.  The love of country music and Nashville no doubt will continue the brick revival.

White Tile, White Mantle

In the real estate world we love white, so this was a look to love immediately.

Mantle Collage

Collages on walls are trending as we move away from a sparse look to a more, can I say cluttered? look. Judith Bright’s showroom hits it perfectly with their display of fresh and fun flower jars. Great look!

Go Green

California’s drought took a toll on Mother Nature here in the Bay Area and created a never ending sea of grasses everywhere. I still love the look but it was a treat to see a range of greenery everywhere in Nashville. With a higher yearly dose of rain and humidity plants are encouraged to grow. This adorable porch box at Judith Bright (shown far left) reminded me of what can be done with succulents and rocks.  I’m definitely copying this look.

Going Dark

Floor to ceiling windows in construction have come far since Eichler but the idea is still the same.  Let light in.  The L-27 Bar at the top of the Westin reminded me to not shy away from incorporating dark cabinetry and paint colors in spaces with lots of light. 

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